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Directed by Justin Armao

Written by Justin Armao

Starring Preston Gant, Maria Canapino, Jessica Dercks, Justin Armao, Matt Kelly, William Cutting, Erin Holt, Brian Girard, Jennifer Runyon, Andy Cauble, Nick Principe, Nalini Krishan, Alain Azoulay, Chelsea Cook, Sean Summers, Justin Henry, Lauren Athena Birdsong, Evan Mack, Alan Maxson, Willow Rainn Brown, Dione Kuraoka, Brad Harris, Kelly Erin Decker, Melody Peng, Sarah Bellini, Laura Bellini, Jordan Maldonado, RuthAnn Thompson, James Balsamo, Noel Jason Scott, Beatriz Mendonça, Logan Harris, Carrie Sullivan, M.J. Aragon, Dustin Miller, Ben Stewart, Devanand Bassanoo, Jose Perez, Michelle Tedesco, Toby Wallwork, Tony Perija, Melvis Jarnagin, Christina Marie Leonard, Tanya Cyr, Jerry Smith, Hunter Fischer, KatieMichal Pullen, Josh McSparran, Eiraina Ladell, David B. Cudeck II, Megan J. Martine, Janessa Morgan, John Lowry, Devin Gates, Justice Song, Chuong Nguyen, Rich Young Lee, David Kang, Alex Nishino, Lau Kevin, Nick Shuhan, Rachael Wotherspoon, Jason Trost, Mindy Robinson, Robert Rice, Christopher Odom, Megan Martin, Piankhi Iknaton, Helene Hollidge, Taylor Ferraro, Susan Condrey, Cecilia Benevich, Kira Armao

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The long awaited sequel to the original BLOODSUCKA JONES is here. BLOODSUCKA JONES VS. THE CREEPING DEATH is a low budget blacksploitation farce that may have saved its pennies in terms of production but delivered big on laughs.

The original BLOODSUCKA JONES was a good-hearted flick that honored and lampooned blacksploitation films from the seventies. It plays like a more innocent version of BLACK DYNAMITE made by fans of comedy, horror, and the grindhouse films of the seventies. Much fun is had at the expense of the titular character (played again by Preston Gant) who has put on a few pounds since we last saw him. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop him from whoopin’ undead ass. A zombie plague is spreading across town and it’s up to Jones and his band of hapless, but lovable heroes to take them out. Meanwhile, the douchebag preppy vampires are still on the loose heaping on the trouble for Jones and crew.

As with the original, BLOODSUCKA JONES VS THE CREEPING DEATH’s strongest aspect is its comedy. While the story wanders all over the place, stalls, and stops as if it has all day to entertain you, the comedy here is focused and honed. This film has my type of sense of humor, embracing the goofy and downright corny side, but still delivering in quick, potent beats that made me laugh from beginning to end.  New characters such as Romeo Tyrone and French Fries are gold, as a pair of drug dealers who provide a running commentary of what’s going on. French Fries attempts to impress Tyrone were hilarious such as her attempts to start of a new thing–shoes to wear over your shoes, yo! Something in the delivery of this preposterous concept made me laugh with glee. The thing that impresses me the most is that despite its low budget, the film relies on its own material to entertain and doesn’t resort to lifting material of big budget and mainstream humor for its laughs.

While the gore is a little less in your face in this sequel than it was in the original, BLOODSUCKA JONES VS THE CREEPING DEATH does deliver some creative splatter such as a zombie attack on a puppet where they pull large lengths of thick red yarn from the puppet’s screaming torso. Add that with a hilarious shot for shot remake of the beach training scene from ROCKY III, and you can’t help but find a place in your heart for this low fi masterpiece.

I loved this sequel and if you are in the mood for good-natured, light-hearted, and genre-lovin’ fun, you’ll run, don’t walk, to your couch and then run, don’t walk to the Amazon Prime button and then run, don’t walk to play BLOODSUCKA JONES VS THE CREEPING DEATH as you sit your ass on the sofa complain there’s nothing new and awesome to watch while in quarantine.

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