About MLMillerWrites

I write a lot. I mean, a lot. Some might say an unhealthy amount. Still, it’s a passion and what I enjoy doing, so I figured I’d build a place where all my writing can occupy the same space.

For the last decade or so, I’ve been contributing to Ain’t It Cool News under the moniker Ambush Bug. Those contributions have taken the form of movie reviews focusing on the wide world of horror. This site will serve as an archive for these reviews and a one stop shop for the hundreds and thousands of reviews I’ve tapped out on a keyboard over the years. I’ll be updating with new reviews on a consistent basis and hopefully, one of these days, MLMillerWrites will house them all.

I have also written my fair share of comics over the last decade and will utilize MLMillerWrites as a place to go to get updates on the many comic book projects I’ve produced. I’ll be posting scripts, out of print material, my thoughts on writing and my own writing process, as well as news about new projects here.

Welcome and I hope you find something of interest to read and possibly even something you might find inspirational or educational. Out of all of these words I’ve written through the years, hopefully you’ll find some of them worthy of your time.

MLMiller (Mark L. Miller)
Chicago, Illinois
1:16 AM, February 24, 2016

5 thoughts on “About MLMillerWrites”

  1. Hi Mark, been a reader for years and thought I’d say hi and pass along our film now that I finally have something offer. This is being produced here in Chicago and is looking for any attention it can be granted. I think you would like this! Keep up the great work, thanks for always being spot on with your horror news!

    Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-birder-a-short-film–3/x/16139643#/

    Eric Albert Branstrom


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