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Directed by Justin Armao

Written by Justin Armao

Starring Preston Gant, Jessica Dercks, Justin Armao, Maria Canapino, Travis Woods, Matt Kelly, Erin Holt, William Cutting, Andy Cauble, Duncan Tran, Ray Chavez Jr.

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Watch yo’ back, Drac!  Bloodsucka Jones is here to take out all the vampires!  BLOODSUCKA JONES is a low fi horror comedy which makes up for its amateur makings with some pretty potent humor and some over the top gore.  Don’t go looking for polished edges, giant stars, or big budget CG work, but if you are looking for some lowbrow laughs and plenty of the red stuff, this is the film that’ll deliver in spades.

The story follows a lovable loser who happens upon a young woman who turns out to be a vampire.  Though they are warned by the vampire’s family to make tracks, the couple decides to power through it and when a magic sword is found that was owned by the lead vampire, the couple find themselves seeking out the aid of legendary badass vampire glute-kicker Bloodsucka Jones.

Don’t take a second of this film seriously.  I didn’t and while it feels very much like a slightly elevated backyard production, the quality of comedy throughout makes it all a whole barrel of fun.  From Bloodsucka Jones’ propensity to toss his vampire hunters in training into battle blindly and without a lick of preparation to the vats of blood which explode from dead humans and vampires alike, this is one funny damn film.  I especially like the way Bloodsucka Jones continuously defeats vampires by crushing their skulls under his white designer shoes.

Grab your favorite liquor and a bunch of buddies and watch BLOODSUCKA JONES when it comes to DVD later this year.  The film makes fun of the vampire genre and almost every actor involved has a great sense of comedy and timing.  Get yo’ ass ready for blood and laughs a plenty with this low budget vamp flick.