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Directed by Rob Gardner
Written by William J. Viglione
Starring Rumer Willis, Emma Dumont, Kelly Blatz, Katie Keene, Brandon Arthur Jones, Rick Clark, James Harper, Jack Segal, Che Cunanan, Paul Tompkins, Merritt Gardner, Warren Ray, Pattie Crawford
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WHAT LIES AHEAD has good intentions. It’s meant to be a road movie with deceptive turns and thrilling twists. It also wants to highlight the acting prowess of Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce and Demi. But unfortunately, just because the intentions are there, that doesn’t make it good.

Let’s begin the convoluted setup. When her mother dies, Raven (Rumer Willis) decides to move back to New York to be closer to her brother. Originally, her brother Kyle was supposed to go with her on the long road trip home. But since he was called in to work, he sends his new girlfriend Jessica (Emma Dumont) to accompany her on the lengthy trip. At first, the two seem to hit it off as they engage in chit chat and getting to know you time. But soon, it becomes apparent something is amiss and this non-eventful road trip gets weirder as something is definitely wrong with Raven.

I don’t want to give away the twists in this film. Even though I didn’t like WHAT LIES AHEAD, I don’t want to do it that disservice. So I’ll just focus on the things that bothered me, which coincidentally have nothing to do with the story or twists as all—though the story and twists turn out to be less than spectacular in execution.

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