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Directed by Stephen Portland
Written by Stephen Portland
Starring Michael Gazin, Jane Rowen, Joel Clark Ackerman, Eric Roberts, Evan Carver, Elise Zell
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I think I’m a pretty patient person. I will sit with a film during the obligatory getting’ to know you sequences where nothing particularly scary goes on and the film makes time for one to invest in the characters. But even I have limits and unfortunately, SOMETHING found those limits.

Michael Gazin plays the unnamed husband to his unnamed wife (Jane Rowen), both welcoming a new baby into their home. As the two of them go about their mundane lives, they begin to feel a presence in their home. Both begin experiencing losses of time and hallucinations, eventually seeing some kind of entity lurking around their house wearing a plague mask and causing the couple to fear for the lives of their son and themselves.

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Something: Official Trailer from Subspin Productions on Vimeo.