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aka AUX
Directed by John Adams
Written by John Adams, Peter Adams
Starring John Rhys-Davies, Tanya Franks, Rosie Fellner, Jack Derges, Theo Devaney, Paul Reynolds, Gary Mavers, Sally Mortemore, Tristam Summers, Liana Harris, Anniwaa Buachie, Samantha Lyden, Jai Armstrong, Tony Pritchard, Glenn Salvage, Jennie Goossens, Peter Landi, Amy Kingsmill, Timothy George, Charles Mann, Darren Benedict, Connor Eve,

The amalgamation of RAMBO, THE TERMINATOR, and FRANKENSTEON is what you’re going to get when you check out the low budget schlocky fun that is SOLDIER OF WAR!

When a pair of kids playing in the woods uncover a secret military bunker, they accidentally release a relic from WWII—a cybernetic man put together with nuts, bolts, skin, and duct tape programmed to hunt and destroy Nazis. But his sensors are off kilter and the man-machine mistakes everyone for Hitler’s Army. Only John Rhys Davies and a ragtag band of soldiers and scientists have what it takes to take on this mechanical man out of place and time!

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