When my friend and editor Hannah Means Shannon contacted me to see if I would be interested in participating in HEAVY METAL’s new anthology focusing on the hard rock band Megadeth, all I could say is “Hellz yeah!”

Being a huge man of HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE, Megadeth, and metal music in general, I leapt at the opportunity to work on this ambitious 350 page project. I immediately contacted my go-to artist team of Carlos Granda and Champe Ramirez to see if they were available and interested in doing one of the stories featured in this hardcover edition. To their amusement, I explained who Megadeth and HEAVY METAL MAG was, to which they scoffed, “Yes, we know who Megadeth is!” (How was I to know if the band’s awesome reach extended all the way to South America?). And then we were off.
I chose the song “Take No Prisoners” as the focus of our story and was attracted to the song’s anti-war message. The project came together rapidly and was finished within a month. But that’s not to say that it wasn’t put together with precision and care from the entire team.

I’ll be at C2E2 2019 this Friday (March 22), signing copies of the book with Megadeth bandleader Dave Mustaine at the HEAVY METAL Booth. It’s an honor to be on this project and I can’t wait until people can see it!

You can pre-order HEAVY METAL’s MEGADETH OMNIBUS here on Amazon, Kindle, and Comixology!