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DRY BLOOD (2017)

Directed by Kelton Jones
Written by Clint Carney
Starring Clint Carney, Jaymie Valentine, Kelton Jones, Graham Sheldon, Rin Ehlers, Robert V. Galluzzo, Macy Johnson
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Writer Clint Carney offers up a solid performance in DRY BLOOD, an intoxicating tale of the horrors of addiction and mental illness.

Carney plays Brian Barnes, a down on his luck everyman who wakes up in his car, hung over and ready to make a change in his life,. He calls his gal pal Anna (singer/songwriter Jaymie Valentine), a recovering addict herself, to come with him to his cabin to sober up. Of course, going to a cabin in the backcountry is never a good idea in horror films and almost immediately, Brian crosses paths with an overly-friendly police officer and some restless spirits that seem to be haunting the home. But is this haunting supernatural or all in Brian’s fractured and drug addled mind?

While there are a few acting flubs here and there such as some of the lines not landing with confidence and some of the humor not really resonating, DRY BLOOD gets a pass on that from me because of solid performances by its two leads, a well-paced and suspenseful story, and some truly heinous gore and ghost effects.

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