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Directed by Skye Borgman
Starring Jan Broberg, Bob Broberg, Mary Ann Broberg, Susan Broberg, Karen Campbell, Pete Welsh, Joe Berchtold, Cornelius A. Hofman, Annette E. Belnap, Diana Concannon, Paula S. Fass, Danielle Holjeson, Caroline Pearson, Emily Kincaid, Jill Klopp, Lainee Rhodes, Sinclair DuMont, David McIntyre, Sara Caldart Olson, Bella Onori, Lila Onori, Martin Baird, Mike Germade, Robert Berchtold
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I usually don’t cover documentaries—especially ones about serial killers because a lot of them tend to sensationalize the killer and have a lot of disregard for the victims and their families. But because this is a story that can be seen as a precautionary tale and it may help some people to look at those who are around their children with a more scrutinous eye, I don’t feel so icky covering it. Still, ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT is an icky story about a horrible man who took advantage of an entire family for years in the most heinous of ways.

Robert Bertchtold befriended the Broberg family when their daughter Jan was very young. Insisting to be called B, the man convinced the family to allow him to stay the night at their home and take Jan on outings. One day, B took Jan on an outing and they disappeared. This doc talks about how B wriggled his way into the Broberg family, how it lead to Jan’s abduction, and the jaw-dropping aftermath of the abduction which had resonant effects on the family for years.

That’s pretty much all I want to reveal about ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT, but believe you me, this film drops one bombshell after another. One would think that B’s plan and this story would have ended with the abduction, but that is only the beginning. If anything, it illustrates how someone can manipulate and groom an entire family to accept a pedophile rapist kidnapper into their home and how gullible and blind people can be to what looks like obvious bad shenanigans going on. This does not paint Jan’s parents in a great light as they seem oblivious and incapable of thinking B would have an ill intent for their daughter. But it also gives the viewer a snapshot of a simpler time, when crimes like this were not talked about and people would rather sweep them under the rug than expose themselves to public scrutiny.

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