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Directed by Guto Parente
Written by Guto Parente
Starring Tavinho Teixeira, Ana Luiza Rios, Pedro Domingues, Zé Maria, Rodrigo Capistrano, Alcântra Costa, Lc Galetto, Fátima Muniz, Galba Nogueira, Bruno Prata, Ana Cristina Viana

THE CANNIBAL CLUB is a jet-black comedy that takes risks American movies simply don’t have the guts to take anymore.

The story focuses on the decadent and bizarre relationship between Otavio (Tavinho Teixeira) and his wife Gilda (Ana Luiza Rios). The two are deeply in love, but share a deeply perverse and twisted relationship involving infidelity, murder, and cannibalism. Otavio, a wealthy businessman, is a member of an exclusive gentleman’s club that dabbles in the same pleasures, but because it is a club just for men, Gilda misses out on all of the fun, resenting the club. At a social gathering of these businessmen and their spouses, Gilda wanders away from the party and happens upon something she should not see, putting Gilda and Otavio by association in grave danger.

The less said about the plot of this film, the more you’re bond to enjoy it. I went in blind and came out the other end impressed at the bold decisions this film takes—specifically the sheer amount of sex and violence (most of the time integrated into one horrible series of actions). American films these days are so afraid of offending someone that it is a thrill to see such risqué and sordid themes being dealt with so much sophistication. THE CANNIBAL CLUB isn’t reinventing the wheel as much as it is reminding us that horror can be biting satire, unafraid what taboos it breaks.

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