Directed by Mike Nichols
Written by Anthony Masi (story), Sam Freeman (screenplay)
Starring Jim J. Barnes, Steve Carey, Amy Crowdis, Marianne Hagan, Alana Curry

With RED RIDING HOOD in theaters right now, you might find yourself in need of some more fairy tale horrors. BREAD CRUMBS might just be the ticket. For the most part, BREAD CRUMBS is your run of the mill group-of-kids-stuck-in-a-cabin-in-the-woods-with-a-killer-outside films, but with a pretty fun script by Anthony Masi and Sam Freeman and some clever directing from Mike Nichols, it turned out to be something a little better than what I’ve usually come to expect from the sub-genre.

First off, these kids in the woods happen to be part of a porn shoot. So it’s kind of fun to see the whole “sex & death” motif that was always so heavy in FRIDAY THE 13th taken to the Nth degree here. Here there are no virginal surviving final girl/guys, they’re all “sinners” when looked at under the puritanical viewpoint these slasher pics often take. Another cool twist is that the killers in this film are a pair of kids or maybe they aren’t. One thing’s for sure, they’re pretty creepy with the little girl humming eerily all the time and her delayed brother schlumps around in the shadows. When the porno actress with a heart of gold (who just so happens to be filming her last porno which gives this a nice LETHAL WEAPON twist), tries to save the children who she thinks is lost, she realizes they may not be as innocent as they seem.

BREAD CRUMBS also turn things on it’s head as the entire cast and crew find out the evil intentions of this pair of kiddies early on. So instead of being picked off one by one with the rest of the cast being oblivious, they must band together to take out the brats. I found BREAD CRUMBS to be capably acted and directed. The twists and turns are appreciated. And I truly wasn’t sure where the film was going to go, which is something that can’t be said about 99% of the slasher films out there. Though it’s not the bloodiest film I’ve seen, BREAD CRUMBS has a lot going for it and may be worth your while.