Directed by Henry Saine
Written by Tom Konkle & Devin McGinn
Starring Kyle Davis, Devin McGinn, Gregg Lawrence, Martin Starr, & Ethan Wilde

THE LAST LOVECRAFT is more of a comedy than a horror film, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun movie. Though some of the acting is somewhat less than great and the humor doesn’t always hit the mark, THE LAST LOVECRAFT’s intentions are in the right place and I found myself liking the final product quite a bit.

The story follows a young dreamer (Kyle Davis) who spends most of his time goofing around with his opportunist and slightly deranged best friend (Devin McGinn, who also wrote the film). The two are working on a comic book, both sabotage each other’s chances for women, and the friendship couldn’t be more Kevin Smith-ish if it tried. In fact, THE LAST LOVECRAFT is very much like CLERKS, MALLRATS, CHASING AMY, and even FANBOYS for that matter in that it puts the spotlight on geek culture with a slight bend for action.

As I said, this film aims high and though it may not be the blockbuster it’s trying to be, there are a lot of fun scenes as these geeky manchildren attempt to be heroes and save the world from an other dimensional menace. There’s some above average effects in this one and quite a few times, I found myself laughing out loud. Cthulhu heads will have to see this film and while Kevin Smith seems to be trying to do grindhouse films and then retiring, it’s good to know the genre he kind of spearheaded is still going strong. Steeped in Cthulhu and geek speak, THE LAST LOVECRAFT will cause those in the know with all of this stuff to chuckle quite a bit, but if you’re not privy to the mythology, you may not see it as endearing.