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Directed by Shawn Burkett.
Written by Shawn Burkett, Cheyenne Gordon.
Starring Julie Anne Prescott, Brandy Mason, Kaylee Williams, Brittany Blanton, Mark Justice, Cheyenne Gordon, Kenzie Phillips, Jason Crowe, Savannah Howard, Kayla Elizabeth, Nessa Moore, Tom Komisar, Alex Gottmann, Cara McConnell

A group of horny camp counselors gear up for the arrival of kids at a summer camp. Meanwhile, Nicole (played by Julie Anne Prescott and sole survivor of DON’T FUCK IN THE WOODS ONE) is lost in the same forest surrounding the camp. Though the beast who killed all of those nubile horndogs in the first film is killed, turns out he reproduced with little creepy slugs sliming around the forest looking for new hosts to turn into mindless, raging zombies.

Much like the original DON’T FUCK IN THE WOODS, this sequel delivers with copious amounts of nudity, sex, and raunchy material. This isn’t a film for the kiddies, though I think I would have loved this movie series as a horny pre-teen. Every woman gets naked and screws each other or some of the guys on the trip. Or at least they try to and are interrupted mid coitus by the invading slime monsters. A bit more of the background of these gooey beasties is revealed, but not enough to stray the attention away from the sex and boobs for too long.

The gore, as with the original, is over the top and absolutely squishy. Heads explode. Limbs are hacked off. Monster slugs crawl into many orifices and zombies bite into throats causing intense showers of blood. This is one gore fest, so expect a lot of the red stuff. This being a low budgeter, besides forking over the cash to get the gals to strip, the rest of the budget was well spent on gore effects.

DON’T FUCK IN THE WOODS 2 knows what it is and loves it. It’s not trying to be elevated horror. The story starts and stops to display one sex scene or disrobing scene after another, but remembers to punctuate them with some over the top gore. There’s even a promise that the rampage will go on in a part three and when it comes, I’ll be back watch and enjoy more beasties, blood and of course, boobs!
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