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Directed by Bobby Easley.
Written by Bobby Easley, Ken Wallace, from a story “The Dreams in the Witch House” by H.P. Lovecraft.
Starring Portia Chellelynn, Julie Anne Prescott, Andrea Collins, Erin Trimble, Solon Tsangaras, John Johnson, Shonda Laverty, Bill Levin, Joe Padgett!

A young woman named Alice (Portia Chellelynn) on the run from her abusive ex-boyfriend rents a room at an old apartment house on the edge of her college town to complete her studies into the relation between architecture and the supernatural. Set up in the attic, Alice begins to uncover the house’s dark past involving witchcraft, other dimensions, and supernatural forces.

This low budgeter delivers a few tense moments and some decent effects work as Alice finds out more about the other dimensional happenings that surround the home she has come to live in. While it isn’t a word for word adaptation of Lovecraft’s THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE, it does have most of the crucial elements. Other worldly forces dating back to ancient evil deities, rats that turn into humanoids, and a heavy attention to dreams and nightmares are the central horrific themes at play here which is pretty much what the original Lovecraft story is all about. So if you’re looking for a semi-faithful adaptation, this one qualifies.

The effects are decent. I like the full body suit of the ratman, played by Solon Tsangaras and while the other worldly stuff is at a minimum, director Bobby Easley uses gaudy lights of varying colors to symbolize the shift between realities. Making up for the lack of budget are the decently talented cast. Chellelynn is decent in the lead and emotes all of the right feelings, but there’s a lack of enthusiasm that I got from the entire production that makes this adaptation somewhat forgettable. I am a huge fan of Lovecraft and am always looking for a new take on his old tomes, but this one kind of slipped my mind almost immediately after viewing. It’s a perfectly decent adaptation, just not one that stuck with me.

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