Let’s check out This Week In Comic Book Horror 7.20.22!

RETURN OF THE MONSTERS: THE PHANTOM DETECTIVE VS FRANKENSTEIN #1 (Moonstone Press) Story by Aaron Shaps with art by jay piscopo.
LOCUST: THE BALLAD OF MEN #1 (Scout Comics) Story by Massimo Rosi with art by Alex Nieto.
PLAYTHINGS #2 (Scout Comics) Story by Jon Clark with art by Travis Williamson.
BLOOD STAINED TEETH #4 (Image Comics) Story by Christian Ward with art by Patric Reynolds.
RAD WRAITH #2 (Scout Comics) Story by Tristan Gallagher with art by Christian Dibari.
ROGUE’S GALLERY #1 (Image Comics) Story by Hannah Rose May with art by Justin Mason.
COUNT CROWLEY: AMATEUR MIDNIGHT MONSTER HUNTER #3 (Dark Horse Comics) Story by David Dastmalchian with art by Lukas Ketner.
BUNNY MASK: THE HOLLOW INSIDE #3 (AfterShock Comics) Story by Paul Tobin with art by Andrea Mutti.
AFTERSCHOOL #2 (Skybound Entertainment) Story by Kate Harron, Briony Redman with art by Leila Leitz.
SHE BITES #1 (Scout Comics) Story by Hedwig Hale with art by Alberto Hernandez Jr.
MADBALLS VS GARBAGE PAIL KIDS #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) Story by Sholly Fisch with art by Jason Crosby.
THE WALKING DEAD DELUXE #43 (Skybound Entertainment) Story by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard.
DC VS. VAMPIRES: ALL OUT WAR #1 (DC Comics) Story by Matthew Rosenberg, Alex Paknadel, Guillaume Singelin with art by Guillaume Singelin, Pasqual Qualano.
CANARY #1 (Comixology) Story by Scott Snyder with art by Dan Panosian.
THE SILVER COIN #12 (Image Comics) Story by Stephanie Phillips with art by Michael Walsh.
LIFE ZERO #6 (Ablaze) Story by Stefano Vietti with art by Marco Checchetto.
THE BROTHER OF ALL MEN #1 (AfterShock Comics) Story by Zac Thompson with art by Eoin Marron.
ICE CREAM MAN #31 (Image Comics) Story by W. Maxwell Prince with art by Martin Morazzo.
ALIEN ANNUAL #1 (Marvel Comics) Story by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Salvador Larroca.
SHAOLIN COWBOY: CRUEL TO BE KIN #3 (Dark Horse Comics) Story and art by Geof Darrow.

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