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Directed by David Schmidt
Written by David Schmidt
Starring Leah Myette, Katherine Herrera, Michael Klug, Tirf Alexius, Amy E. Harmon
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THE HOUSE OF BLACK WINGS is another low budgeter, shot on video with amateur actors and effects, but don’t hold that against this film. Sure some of the acting might not be the best, the camera work might be a bit shaky, and the music is a bit on the emo side, but all that aside, there’s a haunting little tale in this little film.

A young lady named Kate Stone (Leah Myette) moves into an apartment complex close to her artist friend after recovering from a tragedy that we find out about later. Though things are pretty mopey and hum-drum at first, she begins to have bizarre dreams and daytime hallucinations of flying creatures with black wings, creepy hooded ghosts, and a hand in a drain in the middle of her bathroom. Soon paranoia sets in and for a short while, it appears all of this is in poor Kate’s head. But a series of eerie scenes of extremely effective, yet simplistic and amateur effects shows that there is something strange going on in this building. Director David Schmidt does a great job with making due with what he’s got and allowing simple effects to really get under your skin.

If all things emo annoy the shit out of you, this might not be the best film for you as everything from the music, to the actresses, to the subject matter are pretty dour, but director Schmidt pulls off some very cool scenes that instill chills and that edge of your seat feeling you get with thrillers with ten times the budget. The ending is a bit rushed and tidy, but the harrowing journey through THE HOUSE WITH BLACK WINGS is a little indie find worth watching.

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