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Directed by PJ Woodside
Written by PJ Woodside
Starring Kristine Renee Farley, Justin Veazey, Jessica Cook, Steve Hudgins, Cindy Maples
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Though shot on the budgetary low, indie director PJ Woodside knows the scary. Incorporating a mature script with real life problems and of course one creepy looking doll, THE CREEPY DOLL is either a possessed doll story or a descent into madness or maybe a little of both. The ambiguity of the origins of the terror in this story is part of its charm.

Though some of the acting is a bit stiff and amateurish, it’s great to see the indie horror spirit alive and well in Biting Pig Productions (the company responsible for this and Woodside’s previous films). Woodside does a great job of relying on real scares, not cheap thrills. There’s a definite sense that something is off from the very first scene, which sets the stage for a doll movie somewhat out of the ordinary. More ROSEMARY’S BABY than CHILD’S PLAY.

The story follows a young couple, newly married and ready to have their first baby. The couple moves to the husband’s hometown where the wife immediately feels like an outsider. Woodside embraces these feelings of inadequacy well and conveys a sense of the wife, played capably by Kristine Renee Farley, cast as the outsider. From the get-go, something is not right, but the story takes it’s time putting its finger on it. THE CREEPY DOLL is a nicely paced, surprisingly chilling, and wholly independent psychological thriller worth seeing if you’re lenient about films that may be more on the lower budget side.

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