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THE HIDE (2008)

Directed by Marek Losey
Written by Tim Whitnall
Starring Alex MacQueen and Phil Campbell
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THE HIDE is a mainly a one locale slow boiler, a personal favorite type of film for me. Done wrong, it could be a tedious exercise in monotony. Done right, this type of film can be riveting in its simplicity. Thankfully, THE HIDE is done right. With a pair of talented actors under spine-tingling direction reading from a crisp and intriguing script, THE HIDE may seem to be a simple film about two men in a bird-watching shack, but it’s actually so much more.

Roy Tunt is a meticulous man fascinated with birds. His trip to a hide, or bird watching booth, is interrupted when David shows up out of nowhere. Soon we find out that David is running from the authorities, but Roy has his secrets too. In this little shack, the two conversate and come to find that the two of them are more alike than they would like to admit. THE HIDE delivers chills and horrors, though most happen between the lines tossed back and forth between the two stars and the devilish beats in between their guarded words.

I dug the restraint director Marek Losey displays in this film. A bow is due to scripter Tim Whitnail’s patient use of dialog as well. Both carefully let the story unfold as these two characters get to know each other. They start with pleasantries and small talk, then you get the feeling that these two people are sharing things they have never shared with anyone else. THE HIDE isn’t action packed or gore filled, but it is a tense thriller deserving of a view if you get the chance.

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