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Directed by Matt Neihoff.
Written by Matt Neihoff and Brian Cunningham.
Starring Al Snow, John Wells, Sebrina Siegel, Erica Goldsmith, Cristina Mullins, and Katie Stewart
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I can’t bring myself to talk shit about OVERTIME, but at the same time I don’t want to oversell it. There are moments of sheer bad cinema where one of those perfect storms converge as equal parts bad acting and bad storytelling collide. The thing is, though, if you look past the stiff acting and the over-extreme direction style, there is a fun movie in OVERTIME.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh out loud a few times at this buddy vigilante vs. zombie-aliens flick. What can I say? Sometimes locker room humor entertains. You can tell the folks in front of and behind the camera really want this to be a big blockbuster, but it falls short most of the time. Far be it from me to anger wrestler Al Snow and I have a special affinity for him since finding out that he was born in my home town of Lima Ohio. He tries his best to pull off the acting portion of the film, but he should stick to the action scenes where he is much more convincing and confident. Same goes for his less-buff co-star John Wells, who at least has some decent comedic timing, though these two stars shine compared to the amateur acting of the rest of the cast.

Director/writer Matt Niehoff’s camera does a decent job of making everything exciting. Though sometimes I felt like I was watching a music video, Niehoff does keep things moving with extreme angles, slo-mo, speed-ups, and maybe even a fisheye lens or two. He does well with the budget the film had. As I said before, there are moments of comic gold in this one, but you have to put up with a few lumps of coal (mainly amateur acting and overblown camera shots) in order to enjoy spending time with OVERTIME.

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