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Directed by Steve Rudzinski.
Written by Steve Rudzinski, Aleen Isley.
Starring Aleen Isley, B. Barnabei, Joshua Antoon, Connor Asti, Lucas Carter, Terence Lee Cover, Jessie Deep, Justin Ebeling, Reagan Heller, David Hubbard, Judy H.R. Kirby, Marci Leigh, Scott Lewis, Matt Mahon, Mark McConnell Jr., Nate Ragon, Rebecca Rinehart, Mark D Valenti & Steve Rimpici as Duke the Killer Carousel Horse…I mean, Unicorn!
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Duke, the killer carousel unicorn (voiced by Steve Rimpici) is back and this time he’s fightin’ Nazis. Turns out Duke is the product of Nazi dark science and to add to his problems, he finds out he’s a father too. That’s right, that night of romance we saw in CAROUSHELL produced a part human/part carousel horse child named Robbie (voiced by B. Barnabei) and woe to the Nazi who tries to kidnap that child to get to Duke.

While Duke the Carousel Unicorn was definitely the bad guy in CAROUSHELL, it’s a no-brainer to bring in something badder for the sequel. And you don’t get badder than Nazis. The original CAROUSHELL at least tries to be a monster movie, but this sequel attempts to humanize the monster, not unlike Troma did with the Toxic Avenger. In fact, there’s a certain Troma-ness to this entire film. I know saying that is going to be a turn on for some and off for others, but that’s what it’s like. Rudzinski’s humor is frantic and rapid fire and though it is uncouth, unclean, and unconventional, I have to say I laughed and was shocked quite a bit at the antics unleashed in this film.

But I know it’s not for everyone. Smaller scenes like Robbie asking Duke “Dad, what’s murder?” at the dinner table, worked for me. There’s also a slew of very, very bad Nazi puns when Duke goes on his final rampage. So while there are some laughs with a tiny bit of depth, Rudzinski isn’t afraid to go for the grossout and cheap humor route either.

One thing that is consistent with the original film is that CAROUSHELL 2 is extremely gory. The gore is sometimes CG, but more times than not, it’s utterly rudimentary, backyard horror effects one used to see in DIY films of the eighties and nineties. I have an affinity for that type of terror, so the gratuitous carnage worked for me.

CAROUSHELL THE 2ND or CAROUSHELL 2 is an intentionally bad movie that never really attempts to be anything else than that. The effects are better than average, much better than the acting, but some of the comedy lands on all four hooves. I love the absolutely stupid way Duke is given articulation even though it’s just someone off camera moving around a plastic horse. I also couldn’t believe my eyes and you won’t either if you endure the lovemaking scene. There are no words.

CAROUSHELL 2 is silly horror at its best. If you can’t laugh at the genre, then give it a pass, but if you’re looking for no budget chuckles, you can bet on this horse.

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