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Directed by Steve Rudzinski.
Written by Aleen Isley, Steve Rudzinski.
Starring Sé Marie, Haley Madison, Chris Proud, Sarah Brunner, Chad Bruns, Ben Dietels, Cindy Fernandez-Nixon, P.J. Gaynard, Judy H.R. Kirby, Michael Mawhinney, Josh Miller, Steve Rudzinski, Teague Shaw, Shawn Shelpman, Jordan Streussnig, Andrew Zibritosky, Corella Waring, & Steve Rimpici as the carousel horse from Hell!
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The comedic mastermind behind such DIY greats as RED CHRISTMAS, CAPTAIN Z & THE TERROR OF LEVIATHAN, EVERYONE MUST DIE!, and SLASHER HUNTER, Steve Rudzinski is at it again with CAROUSHELL, a low budget slasher film like no other…because it stars a disgruntled carousel unicorn who breaks free from its carousel prison and begins killing people.

When a social media addicted teen is forced to take her little brother to the amusement park for the day as their stripper mother is off working the pole, one carousel ride is too many for a frustrated carousel horse. Breaking free from the carousel, the horse crashes a party in search of victims. Now if only he had the opposable thumbs to open the door…

This one has it all. Mutilations with various gardening tools. Death by hooves. An erotic love scene between the carousel horse and a My Little Pony fan. A fat kid named Lunchbox. Laser eyes. A pizza man who just wants to get paid. Those looking for serious horror should try another film. This one is simply fun from start to finish. The film is goofy, gory, and over the top. Much of it has to do with the outrageous gore, grossness, and acts of debauchery. From hooves kicking heads in to the carousel horse humping a girl horsey-style, this will offend the uptight and entertain those who love broad comedy.

But what is present in all of Rudzinski’s films is always a solid and downright funny script. Low on budget, the filmmaker makes up for it with clever, witty, and snarky dialogue that caused quite a few guffaws for this fan. For example, a pizza delivery guy (played by Rudzinski himself) reveals early on that his dog just died and his parents are on their deathbed and that’s why he is working as a pizza delivery guy. A few minutes later, while fleeing the attacking carousel horse is after the pizza guy and a few other survivors, they get into his car and it doesn’t start, to which Rudzinski screams, “Why does everything in my life have to die!!?!?!” It’s wrong. It’s dark. But it’s damn funny and I don’t do it justice by explaining it here.

Take a ride on this CAROUSHELL. It’s a fantastic low budgeter with a hell of a sense of humor and damn impressive effects.

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