Happy Halloween, folks! I just wanted to take a second to mention that the Music Box Theater is once again running it’s Music Box at the Drive-In Nights all month long. Dawn of the Drive-In takes place at 2343 S Throop St, Chicago, IL 60608. Drive-In Admittance begins 30 minutes prior to the film’s start time. Tonight’s Double Feature is 2008’s HOUSE OF WAX remake followed up by the classic WAXWORK. Serial Killer Sunday Night’s feature is SE7EN and Nu Metal Monday serves up the Dee Snider shocker STRANGELAND. Click here to get tickets to these awesome shows and check the website for more shows all month long!

What about this Saturday, you might ask? Well, I’ll be heading to the Music Box early Saturday morning to catch the Music Box of Horrors 24 Hour Marathon and will be testing my endurance to last the entire show. This year features an amazing lineup including; William Castle’s STRAIT-JACKET, UK’s GHOSTWATCH, Argento’s TENEBRE, Robert Rodriguez’ THE FACULTY and more. There are also premieres of THE GRANNY, THE SCARY OF SIXTY-FIRST and grossout horror short SINK. And it all ends with ARACHNAPHOBIA 24 hours later! I’ll be there most of the day and night, so if you see me, be sure to come up and say “Hi!”

The Music Box is one of the best theaters in Chicago, always featuring new, unique, arthouse, and independent films, so come out and support them if you can!