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BABY OOPSIE Part One (2021)

Directed and written by William Butler.
Starring Libbie Higgins, Justin Armistead, Lynne MacPherson, Marilyn Bass, Diana Frankhouser, Josephine Bullock, Michael Carino, Shamecka Nelson, Michael O’Grady
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One of Charles Band’s earliest successes was his production of Stuart Gordon’s DOLLS, an effective little horror movie about evil toys and turning people into formerly living dolls. 35 years later, Band and his Full Moon Pictures is revisiting similar themes in BABY OOPSIE, a deranged story of a lonely host of a doll video blog named Sybil (Libbie Higgins) and her obsession with dolls. Sybil is lonely and put upon by her mother who she lives with, but her life is fulfilled by her love of her dolls. When the head of a highly damaged baby doll arrives in the mail, Sybil restores it and places it onto a new doll body with tender loving care. As a reward, the doll baby, dubbed Baby Oopsie, enacts gory revenge on those who make Sybil’s life difficult.

BABY OOPSIE Part One is the first chapter of a multi-part streaming release by Full Moon Pictures, not unlike RAVENWOLF TOWERS, which I covered a few years back. It seems Band is responding to the CHUCKY series which will be released on ScyFy this fall, giving us monthly installments of demonic doll horror. While Full Moon Pictures has stumbled of late to deliver the quality of horror that they used to when Empire morphed into Full Moon back in the eighties, I am always curious to see if Band can move past stoner horror like THE GINGERDEAD MAN and THE EVIL BONG and return to his serious horror roots. BABY OOPSIE is a step in the right direction, as was RAVENWOLF TOWERS before it. There does seem to be some solid production into this first installment. There’s a strong musical score and decent cinematography—something missing from Full Moon’s output in recent years. There’s also some decent acting. While I doubt Mr. Oscar is going to come a callin’ to the BABY OOPSIE set, these actors seem to be giving their all and it makes the terror feel more palpable because of it.

Dolls are creepy looking and director/writer William Butler takes advantage of that by zooming in close to these warped, damaged, and dull-eyed miniature terrors. It’s the same kind of horror touched upon in films like TOURIST TRAP and the aforementioned DOLLS that is harnessed in BABY OOPSIE. In the end, Oopsie is sort of just a Chucky clone, but one done with low budget and practical effects, so there’s a low fi charm to the little shit. The film doesn’t hold back on the red stuff either.

While this is just the first installment, it’s shows that BABY OOPSIE has some potential in delivering the goods when it comes to dolly horror. Yes, this is a low budget production and it shows, but still, it’s good to see Band and Co. taking horror seriously again. We don’t know much about Baby Oopsie yet, but this is still early in the story. I’m looking forward to further episodes of this simple, but sometimes effective little indie series.

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