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6:45 (2021)

Directed by Craig Singer.
Written by Robert Dean Klein.
Starring Michael Reed, Augie Duke, Armen Garo, Thomas G. Waites, Remi Ma, Sasha K. Gordon, Allie Marshall, Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Leonardo Mancini, The 45 King
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A young couple Jules (Augie Duke) and Bobby (Michael Reed) take a trip to a small island town for a weekend vacation, but find themselves caught in a time loop where they are murdered by a hooded killer over and over again. Bobby seems to be the only one conscious of the loop and must find out why they are caught on the island and what he needs to do in order to escape the loop.

First off, 6:45 is a really solid production. It looks extremely good with Craig Singer’s cameras capturing the beauty and the mystery in this banal island town. There are gorgeous scenes of Jules and Bobby simply walking through the town that highlight the director’s skill in capturing beautiful imagery which really communicates the dream-like power of the relationship between these troubled lovers. These idyllic shots really allow you to believe in these two actors and want them to find some way to survive.

The acting is top notch as well in 6:45. Both Augie Duke and Michael Reed deliver strong performances that make sappy lovey dovey talk feel real and three dimensional. While they are having a great weekend, they also bob and weave with the troubles the two of them have faced in the past. Duke is uncontrollably likable as Jules—she’s strong and unafraid to speak her mind, yet still loves Bobby despite his problems. Reed delivers a tragic performance as Bobby, who wants to change his ways so much, but only because he has made mistakes and knows how close he is to losing Jules. This is not a pretty, but it is a very realistic relationship these two actors bring to life.

Without sounding ironic or punny, the big issue with 6:45 is that it is very repetitious. I feel the film would have made a better short film as much of the first hour simply has Jules and Bobby making their way through this day, attempting to do different things, but coming to the same end at the hands of the hooded killer. This works the first couple of times, but it is hard to roll with this for a solid hour before the film begins delivering clues as to why the couple is caught in this predicament. There’s a twist. I think it’s pretty obvious by this hour mark what it is, but it does deliver a powerful ending that doesn’t shy away from violence, gore, and gut-punching emotional impact. I just felt the road there could have moved along a bit more breezily.

I’m as sick of “Groundhog’s Day” style films as much as you are—a result of the current world crisis where every day feels exactly like the day before it. But I liked 6:45 quite a bit. It’s kind of an anti-romance film, presenting the ideal and best day this couple has ever experienced where everyone does everything perfectly, and then taking its time to dissolve that happiness to its core by the time the film reaches its conclusion. It’s a brutally honest and powerful story brought to life with shocking moments, wonderful atmosphere, and two actors who deliver the goods, be they good or bad.

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