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Directed by Miguel Llansó
Written by Miguel Llansó
Starring Daniel Tadesse, Agustín Mateo, Guillermo Llansó, Solomon Tashe, Gerda-Annette Allikas, Rene Köster, Lauri Lagle, Carlo Pironti, Iveta Pole, Aris Rozentals, Yared Nigusse, Krasimir Jovanovic, Alis Mäesalu, Jaanika Arum, Pilar Pinilla
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JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY is not a horror film, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the creepiest, strangest, and most off kilter films you’ll watch this and any year. Sometimes nightmarish, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes so loony that you feel like the entire cast and crew need to seek serious mental treatment—I present for your consideration the unforgettable JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY.

Let me try to tell you what this film is about. In the year 2043 and everyone uses dial up computers. Agents Gagano (Daniel Tadesse) and Palmer (Agustín Mateo) are CIA agents assigned to protect a universal program called Psychobook. An evil Russian agent named Stalin is threatening to destroy Psychobook, so Gagano and Palmer log on and enter the Psychobook. Their avatars, which appears as Gagano and Palmer wearing paper masks of Richard Pryor and I think, Robert Culp, battle Stalin and Gagano is mortally hurt and stranded in Psychobook. Meanwhile, Palmer escapes and ends up shacking up with Gagano’s wife, the hearty and healthy Malin (Gerda-Annette Allikas). Malin is having doubts about her relationship with Gagano because he never listens to her dreams of opening a kickboxing studio and all he thinks about is pizza. Meanwhile, evildoers inside of Psychobook; Mr. Sophistication (Carlo Pironti) and Batfro (Solomon Tashe) stand in the way of Gagano ever escaping, if only he can survive the triple threat of kung fu masters Spaghetti, Ravioli, and Baltazar and a pair of evil fly monsters. But don’t worry, Jesus knows the way to the highway.

Got all that?

Well, I’m not going to repeat it.

JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY is a truly unique film that experiments with style, format, and pretty much every aspect of the filmmaking process. It is part rudimentary animation and part what looks to be Claymation using human form as the clay. People move and act in ways they shouldn’t. It’s as if filmmaker Miguel Llansó is able to tap into our nightmares and pull them out to play on the screen in front of you. This isn’t a horror film, but it still has so many unnerving aspects to it, that you can’t help but feel at unease while watching it. The masked characters inside of Psychobook creeped the shit out of me with the way the masks moved when the characters talked and the staccato way they moved around the place. There is something simply wrong with this movie.

That said, everything is played straight. Despite the bizarre characters, the odd situations, the weird little vignettes and tangents, and the odd effects, this is a pretty straight forward action-esque film with unconventional players. Star Daniel Tadesse suffers from some kind of spine ailment, but this isn’t one of those Crispin Glover films that sort of exploits Tadesse’s handicap. Instead, the film really allows the actor to shine and gives him a very nuanced and meaty role to play. I was blown away by Tadesse’s acting, his comic timing, and his unique presence.

JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY is as unpredictable as it comes. You never know where the story is going or what kind of threat Tadesse’s Gagano is going to encounter next in the vast world of Psychobook. While those who need everything explained are going to be pulling their hair out at this one, JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY is a wonderful addition to irreverent, sublime, and uncanny genre films like THE GREASY STRANGLER, RUBBER, and this year’s oddball flick BUTT BOY. Whittled together with random parts from the junk drawer of a madman from a million moons away, there is nothing, absolutely nothing like JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY. For some, that’ll be a good thing, but I hope to see much more from Daniel Tadesse, Miguel Llansó, and the rest of the lunatics that made this madcap movie possible.

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