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Released on April 14, 2020. Available on digital download and On Demand from Epic Pictures Group! Also streaming on Tubi!

BUTT BOY (2020)

Directed by Tyler Cornack
Written by Tyler Cornack & Ryan Koch
Starring Tyler Cornack, Tyler Rice, Shelby Dash, Angela Jones, Kristina Clifford, Gail Bloyd, Colleen Elizabeth Miller, Tyler Dryden, Brad Potts, Steven James Tingus, Austin Lewis, Anna Wholey, Jeremiah Jahi, Wilky Lau, Nino Hara, Larry Ludwig, Kai Henderson, Robert Ackerman Moss
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I mean…wow.

Who’d have thunk that a film called BUTT BOY…

A film about a man who develops a power to shove anything up his ass and make it disappear into a pocket dimension inside his own body…

That a film like that would absolutely blow me away. I shit you not. BUTT BOY is awesome from beginning to very end. It depicts an absurd world and satirizes serial killer and detective films smartly and completely. BUTT BOY does all of that with a straight face and god-diggity-dog-damn if it doesn’t work perfectly. Like off-kilter cult classics RUBBER, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, FATHER’S DAY, and THE GREASY STRANGLER before it, BUTT BOY is a film that will make you wonder how it got made and then ever-grateful that it was!

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before (let me answer for you already–I guarantee you haven’t); after going to his first proctology exam, Chip Gutchel (writer/director Tyler Cornack) awakens a super power he never knew about or wanted to have; he can shove anything up his ass and make it disappear. This power becomes a curse; an addiction for Chip who starts small with a bar of soap, but soon steps up his game to the TV remote and then to the family dog. Finally, the urge is so overwhelming that only people can quell his appetite for ass-play. After quitting cold turkey and joining AA, Chip thinks he has kicked the habit and attempts to live out a life of normalcy with his wife Anne (Shelby Dash) and his son Marty (Tyler Dryden), but the urge is always there. When his AA leader asks him to sponsor police detective Russell Fox (Tyler Rice), Chip’s urges return and soon people are going missing again. Russell is ass-igned to the case when a new kid goes missing and he begins to suspect his sponsor Chip is the asshole he is looking for.

BUTT BOY shouldn’t work. It relies heavily on lowbrow humor and has an absolutely ridiculous concept that feels like it should be a skit for some mid-tier comedy troupe. But the film commits to the bit and plays every beat of BUTT BOY straight as an arrow. This is a serial killer thriller through and through with a hard-nosed cop pounding the beat trying desperately to track down a serial killer before more people fall victim. If this were simply about a guy who snatches kids, it would be seen as a gritty cop drama. It just so happens that this perp’s main weapon is his ass. That’s the beauty of this film. It tries its damnedest to check every police procedural/detective noir box in terms of genre clichés and does so seriously and deftly. This would make for some cliched cinema, again, if not for the fact that the perp shoves his victims up his ass.

Everything from the way this one is filmed with a gritty lens and lens flared street lamps to the unsteady synthesizer music from some guy named Feather reeks of a 70’s cop drama. Russell Fox (played by Tyler Rice) looks like one of the younger Baldwin brothers trying his hardest to do a Colombo impression. Everything from the grumpy police chief to the stress-laden dinner with the new partner (or in this case, new AA sponsor who happens to be the perp who shoves his victims up his ass) is present. If you’re a fan of any of those old detective shows like COLUMBO, KOJAK, BARETTA, and MANNIX, you’re going to be a fan of BUTT BOY. Despite the ass stuff, it looks, sounds, and feels like a lost episode from that era. In tone, it reminds me of Adult Swim’s ASSY MCGEE animated series where no one blinks twice at the inane concept. In fact, I demand a Butt Boy/Assy McGee team-up!

Tyler Cornack is amazing as Butt Boy himself Chip. His deadpan delivery and apathetic way of walking through his sad life is hilarious. Chip knows he is doing wrong, but he simply can’t help it and seeing him try to cope with the outlandish and insane ramifications of his newfound power is both sublimely hilarious. Everything…every crazy, over the top thing is simply shrugged at in this film, making it all the more absurd.

I watch movies to see things I haven’t seen before, and I have never witnessed anything like BUTT BOY. While the humor and gore are definitely meant to nauseate, it is the ever-present tone of absurd straight forwardness that makes this one stand out from most films I’ve seen this year. I know many will scoff at BUTT BOY, writing it off as a gross-out horror film. It is indeed gross. But it is also a damn fine movie. It takes someone pretty smart to make a story like this work and Tyler Cornack does it with a wicked sense of humor and a skillful hand. This film looks professionally done, lit, and staged beautifully. Too beautiful for a movie like this. Go into BUTT BOY with an open mind. A mind eager to be entertained. One that embraces the lunacy. In dire times like these, we need insane comedies like this one. BUTT BOY isn’t the movie we asked for, but as god is my witness, it is the movie we all deserve! See it! Smell it! Love it!

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