One of the comics I am most asked about and my own personal favorite comic I have ever written was PIROUETTE, the story of a young female clown who dreams of a life outside of the circus she is trapped in. It was intended to be a four-issue psychological horror comic book filled with all of the thrills and chills of the big top. The comic is chock full of evil clowns, death-defying stunts, wild animals, and a protagonist you can’t help but fall in love with. All of it is drawn by the stupendous Carlos Granda. I feel this is the best work the two of us have done together and many seem to agree as the first issue was a critical hit when it was first released in the fall of 2014 from Black Mask Studios.

But alas, only the first and second issue really got out to the public. This was due to a combination of calamities behind the scenes that resulted in the book being delayed indefinitely. To be completely honest, the sales for the first and second issues were not great and even though the book received five-star reviews from critics, stores weren’t willing to take a chance with a new comic from a new publisher from two unproven creators. While orders did rise once people read the book and marveled at the interiors, a few production delays marred the book even further and the book was dropped by the distributor. I still regret rushing this book to print as I feel had it been released a year later, it would have resulted in a much better reception.

The series is finished. The art and story are done. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to release PIROUETTE as I hold this story near and dear to my heart. I do apologize to all who bought and fell in love with the comic and appreciate your continued interest and support for the book. One day, the circus will open for our little Pirouette and I’ll be screaming it from the big top when it does!

I don’t know if it will help, but you can contact Black Mask Studios to poke and prod them to release PIROUETTE in trade paperback. It couldn’t hurt and it just might get them to make PIROUETTE available once again for a new audience.