The third and final chapter of THE JUNGLE BOOK trilogy entitled FALL OF THE WILD finds Mowglii tribeless and the island headed into full on war. With the War of the Tribes reaching a fever pitch, a new threat arrives on the shores, promising a threat none of them could imagine. Will Mowglii be the one to stop the Great Animal War as prophesized or will she be the one who causes the downfall of all of the tribes? The answer is in this epic conclusion as tusks, teeth, and claws clash on the jungle battlefield!

Zenescope Entertainment allowed me to complete this trilogy in an epic way. After nurturing these characters in LAST OF THE SPECIES and then putting them through hell, this chapter brings all of the storylines together in a gigantic conflagration. I don’t know many companies that would allow this story to flourish and grow through three five issue chapters, but Zenescope allowed it and the result is something truly unique and special. The final pages of FALL OF THE WILD were truly hard for me to complete and I did so with a tear in my eye as I said goodbye to these characters.

You can still track down a copy of GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS THE JUNGLE BOOK Vol.3 on Amazon, Kindle, and Comixology here!