Inspired by the brilliant works of Rudyard Kipling, THE JUNGLE BOOK follows a brash, young female Mowglii – one of four orphaned children, abducted in the night by pirates and crash landing on the remote jungle island of Kipling. Inhabited by many species of animals, each child is raised by one of the predominant tribes, putting a pause to a Great Animal Battle. But ten years after arriving on the island, Mowglii is caught in the middle of a new brewing war to end all wars between the animal tribes.

This story was well received by fans and critics alike, described as “GAME OF THRONES with animals.” The first volume of THE JUNGLE BOOK spawned two more miniseries and one winter annual. To this day, I am extremely proud of the talented folks who worked with me to bring this wonderful story to life. This was the first time I worked with the fantastic Carlos Granda, but it wouldn’t be the last. Originally, I received some sass about reimagining Mowglii as a female, but this decision proved to ahead of the pack in the gender-swapping age that comics moved into years later. Having our protagonist be a female made sense as the female of the species is often much deadlier than their male counterparts and we proved that in this first series from Zenescope Entertainment.

You can still track down a copy of GRIMM FAIRY TALES PRESENTS THE JUNGLE BOOK Vol.1 on Amazon, Kindle, and Comixology here!