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Directed by Jimmy Lee Combs
Written by Jimmy Lee Combs
Starring Lynn Lowry, Jennifer Runyon, Helene Udy, Felissa Rose, Laurene Landon, Ari Lehman, Christopher Showerman, Ashley Park, Jonathan Tiersten, Yan Birch, Matt Block, Natalie Waldrip, Vivienne Bersin, Allie Escaffi, Karen Thomas, Pam Renall, Paige Awtrey, Irene Leonard, R.J. Wagner, Ben Hilzer, Spencer Kane, Miranda Byers, Carmine DePaulo, Thomas Fears, J. Giordano, Shelly Maxwell, Chelsey Shernaman, Jacob Thomas Brooks, Peggy Lapp, Erica Lapp, Brett Shafer, Ana Bersin
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TERROR TALES is an ambitious, yet overly long anthology that makes use of a gaggle of genre stars you’ll remember from better films. Still, if TERROR TALES proves anything, it’s that there is still a lot of vibrancy in these older actors and a whole lotta love for the genre from the filmmaker.

The wraparound story is a roadside carjacking scenario, where a drifter nabs a family, tosses them into the trailer of his truck, and proceeds to torment them a la THE HITCHER or THE BUNNY GAME. While this short, which serves as the connective tissue between segments lacks the impact of those much more intense films, it does move along breezily and ends in a satisfying and downright gory fashion. The acting in this segment is better than most and Christopher Showerman makes for a strong villain as the Driver.

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