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Directed by Xavier Burgin
Written by Ashlee Blackwell, Danielle Burrows, Robin R. Means Coleman
Starring Jordan Peele, Keith David, Rachel True, Tony Todd, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Loretta Devine, Paula Jai Parker, Ken Foree, Kelly Jo Minter, Richard Lawson, Ernest R. Dickerson, Rusty Cundieff, Ken Sagoes, Tina Mabry, William Crain, Meosha Bean, Tananarive Due, Ashlee Blackwell, Robin R. Means Coleman, Monica Suriyage, Mark H. Harris

I’m as much of a fan of GET OUT as the next guy, but with the amount of hubbub attached to the film, one would think that it was the first film ever to be made by an African American. While it recognizes the significance of that entertaining film, HORROR NOIRE: A HISTOY OF BLACK HORROR acknowledges the black experience in horror in front of and behind the camera from almost the beginning of cinema itself.

HORROR NOIRE: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROR skips through the years in chronological order, talking with influential African American men and women in horror through the years. While it is interesting seeing Jordan Peele and other black filmmakers and critics reminisce about the evolution of the black character in horror, some of the best moments come from the fun interplay between Ken Foree and Keith David who chat and joke as comfortably as can if they were hanging out in their favorite bar together. I would have watched these two wizened horror icons who have lived through various eras of black cinemas for an entire movie. Seeing them talk about their struggles with roles, their coping with the amount of times they have died in films, and the baggage that is often associated with black characters is a treat that I don’t think the filmmaker of this doc knew he had until editing this doc together.

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