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Directed by Daniel Farrands
Written by Daniel Farrands
Starring John Robinson, Chelsea Ricketts, Paul Ben-Victor, Diane Franklin, Noa Brenner, Noa Brenner, Zane Austin, Kue Lawrence, Rebekah Graf, Lainie Kazan, Burt Young, Sky Liam Patterson, Steve Trzaska, Eddie Alfano, Andrew Colin Allen, Steven Barton, Sarah French, Jon Mack
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Amityville is a real town south of Long Island, New York and the tragic tales of the Defeo and Lutz families that occurred in a house that may or may not be haunted are historical instances, meaning no one owns the rights to the story. This is why THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS is the twenty-first AMITYVILLE related movie put out over the last forty years. While the name is synonymous with the term haunted house, I really was never creeped out by any of the stories, except for the tale depicted in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR II. THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS is basically a remake of that film, so it already has a leg up over most of the films in this never-ending series.

The Defeo Family is not the happiest of ones with the abusive Ronnie (Paul Ben-Victor) forcing his wife Louise (Diane Franklin) to turn a blind eye to his drinking, swearing, and hitting. The five kids suffer in their own ways, but this film focuses mainly on the eldest pair, sensitive Dawn (Chelsea Ricketts) and distracted Butch (John Robinson). While Ronnie lords over the house, he also finds himself mixed up with mob money, raising the threat level in the household when the money goes missing. To add insult to injury, dark forces seem to be amassing in the hallways, closets, and especially the attic where Butch resides. Soon, these forces become overwhelming, threatening not only Butch’s sanity, but his family as well.

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