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Directed by Roxy Shih
Written by Giles Daoust
Starring Adam Huss, Madeline Zima, Grant Bowler, Mischa Barton, Naomi Grossman, Debra Wilson, Maria Olsen, Tate Birchmore, James Logan

PAINKILLERS is a no frills vampire flick that takes away all of the gothic pomp and superstitious circumstance and simply tells a tale filled with heartache, guilt, and addiction. It handles all of these heavy feelings quite deftly, making PAINKILLERS much more of a study om grief and less of a schlocky horror film. Going in knowing this, I think the intent of the film will be much more appreciated.

When John (Adam Huss) loses his son Brian in a car crash, he is overcome with guilt to the point where he has a psychosomatic response giving him seizures and tremors at all times. After accidentally hurting his hand, he finds his tremors cease when he tastes blood. But with his hunger growing, he must decide to live with the debilitating ticks of his body or drink fresh blood to cure him. John is approached by another with his affliction (Grant Bowler), who tempts John to murder lowlifes and criminals in order to survive. Still, John doesn’t know if his conscience will allow him to murder others in order to survive.

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