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WRETCH (2018)

Directed by Brian Cunningham
Written by Brian Cunningham
Starring Megan Massie, Spencer Korcz, Riker Hill, Savannah Marie, Chris Wilson as the Wendigo!
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WRETCH is a moody character piece, slow to get started, but filled with wonderful performances, creepy imagery, and an ethereal threats from all directions.

WRETCH focuses on a love triangle between a cheating boyfriend Caleb (Spencer Korcz), his best friend Riker (Riker Hill), and Caleb’s girlfriend Abby (Megan Massie). Caleb loves Abby, but can’t help his urges to cheat on her. Riker loves Abby, but has a love/hate relationship with Caleb who has been his friend since childhood. Abby is simply confused, suspicious of Caleb, but unwilling to accept that he is a completely bad person. The three go into the woods to camp out and do some drugs, resulting in a night of hallucinations and nightmares, where none of them clearly remember what was going on. The fact is, though, that none of them returns from the trip the same and something from deep in the woods seems to have followed them home.

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