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Directed by Scott Dunn
Written by Scott Dunn
Starring Alexandre Chen, Sean McBride, Marisa Hood, Scott Dunn, David Gallegos, Erin Leigh Neumeyer, Sean Liang, Linda Loysen, Gina Gomez, Samara Kohne, Tenoch Gomez, Max Moreno, Rosa Ledesma
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Putting the emphasis on character and fun rather than true chills is the paranormal comedy MANDAO OF THE DEAD. You’re not going to know any of these actors and the budget is pretty low tier, but I found this film to be endearing and well intentioned.

A bumbling couch-surfer named Jackson (Sean McBride) attempts to get the most out of life by leeching off of his uncle Jay (Scott Dunn) and trying his damnedest to win back his ex girlfriend Maeve (Marisa Hood). Jay is the heir to a cereal fortune, made possible by a cereal called Mandao. Jay also finds out that he has the power of astral projection and finds out that this is a useful power as things are about to get very weird. Turns out Jackson’s girlfriend Maeve might be a murderer with a taste for blood. With the hapless and hopeless Jackson in danger, Jay reluctantly must use his power to travel through space and time to save him and the future of the Mandao cereal biz.

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