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Directed by Jon Keeyes
Written by Jon Keeyes
Starring Matthew Tompkins, Arnold Vosloo, Michael Ironside, Arianne Martin, Damon Carney, Hayden Tweedie, Erin Marie Garrett, John Walpole, Morgana Shaw, Michael Crabtree,
Susana Gibb, James Cable, Tom Zembrod, Brandi Price, Stephanie Rhodes, Gwendolynn Murphy, Chuck Huber, Billy Blair, Jason Riley Hoss, Todd Crowell, Steven Markel, John D. Hickman, Tommy Walker Kennedy, Russell Rakestraw, Paul Holmes, M. Serrano, Marisol Vera

THE HARROWING is a low budget descent into madness tale. It’s a story we’ve seen before and like most descents into madness, the effectiveness is all in the subtlety of the journey. Somehow, along the way, we must see and believe the slow chipping away of sanity. One wide leap, and the whole house of cards topples. THE HARROWING does this all pretty well.

After a botched drug bust resulting in the death of a detective, his partner Ryan Calhoun (Matthew Tompkins) becomes obsessed with tracking down those responsible. But Ryan doubts his own eyes as he witnessed what looks to be some kind of demonic ritual and presence at the moment of his partner’s death. With reality crumbling around him, Ryan goes undercover in a mental hospital to track down the key to the culprits. But the longer Ryan is in the hospital, the more he begins doubting his own reality. Is Ryan nuts or is there a demonic component to these crimes?

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