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DIS (2017)

Directed by Adrian Corona
Written by Adrian Corona
Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Lori Jo Hendrix, Peter Gonzales Falcon, Manuel Domínguez, Anne Voitsekhova
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Unearthed Films have risen to the forefront of fringe and extreme horror in recent years. With their AMERICAN GUINEA PIG films such as SONG OF SOLOMON and their other films like RED KROKODIL and LILITH’S HELL, they have taken viewers to the limits of sanity with taboo themes, ultragore, and megaviolence. They are not films for the weak of stomach or disposition, yet they retain a level of filmmaking skill that stronger constitution possessing horror fans will admire. While I can’t guarantee that I am going to like every Unearthed Film, I do know that everyone was made with genuine and original horror as its intent. And that, earns my respect.

DIS is Unearthed Entertainment’s latest film. It’s a surreal descent into madness, peppered with tales of the mandrake (a hallucinogenic and narcotic plant said to have mystical powers and whose roots often take the shape of a small person or homunculus). Bill Oberst Jr. (aka the hardest working man in horror, one of my faves, and a damn fine actor) plays an ex-soldier who ventures out into the forest to end his life. Instead he keeps seeing a cloaked and masked lady and seems to stumble headfirst into his own personal hell.

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