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Directed by Stuart Stone
Written by Adam Rodness & Stuart Stone
Starring Hannah Gordon, Mike Taylor, Umed Amin, Maaor Ziv, Jason J. Thomas, Derek Christoff, Andy Dynes, Austin Duffy, Sammi Barber, & Poe the Crow!

Having grown up in the Midwest, I have a special spot in my dark heart for cornfield horror, SCARECROWS (not to be mistaken for 1988 film with the same name) is full of clichés and time-worn turns, but still manages to entertain due to a quick pace, some solid gore, and a few twisted story turns.

A group of college kids decide to get drunk, high, and go fooling around in a cornfield on the outskirts of town, not knowing that the farmer has a penchant for stringing up hapless victims on crosses and raising them in his cornfield as living scarecrows.

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