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Directed by James Kondelik & Jon Kondelik
Written by James Kondelik & Jon Kondelik
Starring Vanessa Angel, Reggie Lee, Lew Temple, Hutch Dano, Jayne Taini, Joe Hursley, Taylor Autumn Bertman, Bailey Spry, Tim Soergel, Mason Mahay, Joseph Gilbert, Ryan Feldman
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A strong ending, solid effects, and some decent performances manage to make BEHIND THE WALLS stand out in a glut of haunted house films that have been released in recent years.

A family attempting to outrun an abusive past move into a house with horrifying secrets of its own. Vanessa Angel (KINGPIN) stars as the beleaguered mother of three who is trying to get away from her abusive husband (Lew Temple) and make a new life for herself. But almost immediately after moving in, something otherworldly seems to be rumbling just beyond the walls of their new home.

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Behind the Walls – official release trailer from Dual Visions on Vimeo.