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Directed by Steve Hudgins
Written by Steve Hudgins
Starring Randy Hardesty, Kim Welsh, Neil Vowels, Emily Fitzmaurice, Marsha Cash, Brandon Schaefer, Steve Hudgins, Amanda Stone, Jack Jones, Tom Dolan, Elaine Ruff, Logan Nance, Megan Jones
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Big Biting Pig Productions seems to be made up of Steve Hudgins and P.J. Woodside. The pair seem to take turns in writing and directing films and have done so for almost a decade now (you can check out their library of horror films on the Big Biting Pig website — I’ve reviewed quite a few over the years and all of them are low budget fun). One of their earliest endeavors is GOATSUCKER, a film about the Chupacabra…or is it?

A group of hikers take a Goatsucker Tour in hopes to catch a glimpse of the famous cryptoid known for draining the blood of animals and sometimes humans. As the group gets further into the woods, they of course get lost and are one by one picked off by something lurking in the woods. Is it the Goatsucker or something worse?

Fans of DIY horror are going to have a ball with GOATSUCKER. The film uses the fun killer POV to keep the identity or visage of the goatsucker itself a mystery until the very end, like many classic low fi horror films of the past. Hudgins, as usual, excels in the writing department—making this tale interesting to those who care about plot, twists, turns, and loop-ti-loops. That’s where the strength in GOATSUCKER lays.

Many aren’t going to be able to get past the amateur acting going on here. Much of the cast seem to be made up of locals and non actors, though if you’re a fan of BBP films, you’ll recognize Randy Hardesty and Neil Vowels who seem to pop up in all of their movies, as well as Hudgins himself. I will give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that damsel in distress Emily Fitzmaurice has a hell of a scream, adding to the fun of the film as she does it a lot.

GOATSUCKER is another low fi DIY winner in my book. It proves to have some unexpected twists and turns throughout the narrative and offers up a nice glimpse at the early days of Big Biting Pig’s early efforts. While the film suffers in the suspense department because it is filmed in broad daylight, it makes up for it in the POV scenes. All in all, if you like low budget horror, GOATSUCKER is one you should add to your viewing list.

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