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SASQ-WATCH! (2016)

Directed by Drew Hall
Written by James Weldon
Starring Paul Brittain, Adam Herschman, Christine Bently, Neil Flynn, Tim Meadows, Dean J. West, Sherri Eakin, John McConnell, Chip Carriere, Tony Sanford, Brody Rose, L.J. Ruth

While SASQ-WATCH! isn’t going to provide too many answers on whether or not the elusive creature exists or even Sasquatch action itself, it does give one a peek into the world of people who undeniably believe in Sasquatch through a pretty capable comedic lens. I normally don’t review comedies unless they are horror comedies, but I do have an undeniable fascination with all things Bigfoot. So I couldn’t help myself from checking this film out and talking a bit about it.

Two brothers (Nigel played by SNL’s Paul Brittain and Oscar played by ACCEPTED’s Adam Herschman) are dedicated to be the first to capture a live Sasquatch. Enlisting the aid from a crusty guide with a history of cannibalism named Samson (Neil Flynn) and their gorgeous trail guide who wants to be anywhere else named Jamie (Christine Bently), Nigel and Oscar head out deep into the woods to track the man-monster. Stealing Nigel’s Sasquatch migration data, rival Bigfoot enthusiast Claus (SNL’s Tim Meadows) embarks on his own search for the beast. When both parties get lost in the woods, the purpose of the quest shifts from finding Bigfoot to finding a safe way home.

Is it funny? Yes, very much so. SASQ-WATCH! isn’t a laugh a minute, but I liked the comedic performances and timing of the entire cast. Brittain has a genuine passion to find the beast and though he is gullible and focused to a fault, he still delivers a lot of jokes—mostly directed towards himself. Herschman is also pretty great as Nigel’s dimwitted younger brother who wants to support his brother no matter where it leads them. Bently has some great comedic chops, often playing the straight woman in the middle of this bro-fest and Flynn is great as the Quint-like Samson who always has a gnarly story to tell that usually ends in him eating an appendage of someone he was lost with. But the film really shines whenever Tim Meadows is in frame. Meadow’s unique sense of humor is on point here as the privileged and pampered Bigfoot hunter who relies on his underlings to get down and dirty. It’s just a fantastic mix of comedic talent here.

On top of the great performances, the film has a mockumentary feel where all of the cast members talks with the camera. Sure it’s a method made famous by THE OFFICE and countless other sitcoms and comedies, but it works in this case as well. There are a lot of big laughs to be had with SASQ-WATCH! It isn’t scary for a second and you most likely won’t see much Bigfoot wandering around, but the antics the cast find themselves in are a lot of fun to watch.

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