M.L. Miller aka Ambush Bug here. On this week’s episode of our latest and greatest podcast, we get the band back together again with Optimous Douche aka Rob Patey joins myself and our CultPop/Poptards host Johnny Destructo and myself to chat up a new feature called Rob’s Game Corner (It’s Gamey Over Here) where he discusses SOUTH PARK’S THE FRACTURED BUTT HOLE and the SNES Mini! Then we talk comics – BATMAN: THE MERCILESS #1 (w – Peter J. Tomasi, a – Francis Manapul, 21:50), PUNISHER: THE PLATOON #2 (w – Garth Ennis, a – Goran Parlov, 31:00), TEEN TITANS #13 (w – Benjamin Percy, a – Khoi Pham, 35:10), & AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #789-790 (w – Dan Slott, a – Stuart Immonen, 45:00)!

As always, that sweet, sweet jack@$$ery is sporked in for no extra charge!

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