Before I reveal my pick for the number one horror film of the year, I wanted to thank everyone for making the trek over here to MLMILLERWRITES and I hope everyone enjoyed this month’s countdown of the Best of the Best in Horror 2017. But that’s not going to be the end for the countdowns for this site. I plan on doing countdowns every month with special themes from here on out. Some of them countdown the best ever and others just the best of the year. With October dedicated to the year’s best in horror, I thought it would be fun to make November the month to count down the Best of the Best in Sci Fi over the last year. So expect the top ten Best Sci Fi of 2017 Countdown from myself and my buddy Matt Adler all through November starting tomorrow!

As always, I love to share videos from readers and friends of the site. Here’s some coverage of this year’s NYC Zombie Crawl from David Berezin!

And for those sensitive types, here’s ever so cute coverage of the Halloween Dog Parade from DB Films!

And as an added trick or treat just in time for Halloween, here’s the truly horrific Paul Lynde Halloween Special for everyone to laugh and cringe at. Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween! Enjoy!

See you tomorrow for the first pick for the Best in Sci Fi 2017 at MLMILLERWRITES!