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Directed by Josh Shreve
Written by Josh Shreve
Starring Josh Shreve, Jeff Steinborn, Kent Hammond, Todd Ferren, Brad Bell, Jordyn Rudolph, Ryan Rudolph, Morgan Wiggins
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TALON FALLS keeps the action and horror moving at a rapid face from early on and up until the very end of the film. While it may not be the most original of horror films, at least it has that going for it.

A quartet of kids on a roadtrip are guided by a mentally slow gas station worker to check out a popular roadside haunt in the backwoods hills of Kentucky (I get all my travel plan advice from slow gas station workers, BTW). Once there, the kids are given a speed pass to head to the beginning of the line by one of the attraction workers. Once inside, the kids realize that some of the horrors inside are actually real!

Films like THE FUNHOUSE and THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT have delved into the concept that the terrors inside of a house of horrors are actually real and dangerous to those dare wander off the beaten path inside. Combine that with some backwoods hillbilly monstrosities straight out of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and a lot of what is going on with TALON FALLS is going to feel very familiar. That said, though the concepts are well worn, the film does keep the pace moving at a pretty steady and rapid clip. Everything from teeth-gnashing guard dogs to chainsaw wielding man monsters and dark labyrinthine corridors after the funhouse is closed are tossed at the viewer through the experience of these four dopey kids. The kids themselves are really lacking in any distinguishing character here—they’re just two couples bickering or making out every now and then.

The focus is not on the relationships between the kids or anything like that though. It’s the fast and ferocious action and horror that unfolds throughout. TALON FALLS does that well, even though it really doesn’t give us any time or reason to empathize with those involved. Still the action is potent and the horror delivers, which is what most seeking TALON FALLS will be looking for. A real life roadside attraction called Talon Falls serves inspiration to this film. Those seeking out those style of rapid, comin’ at’cha, funhouse haunts will not be disappointed.