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Directed by Carl Lindbergh
Written by Carl Lindbergh
Starring Diana Prince, Marshal Hilton, Bradley Bundlie, Boriana Williams, Olivia Stiefel, Debby Gerber, Hunter Johnson, Michael Shaun Sandy, Fanny Rosen, Caitlin Rose Williams, Jake Ryan Scott, David Scott, Dalia Elliott, Toby Marks, Omari Washington, Nicholas Jarnot, Kaden Ecklund, Sudesh Managodage, Lillia Nicole, Jessica Robinson, Pucci Tres, Jeffrey Zukowski, Danielle Paquin, Xavier Johnson, Joshua Bunch, Joshua Lang & Carl Lindbergh as the Bunnyman!
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Carl Lindbergh’s third and final BUNNYMAN film is subtitled VENGEANCE and while the BUNNYMAN films have all been low budget gore and grindhouse-fests, having seen all of them, it is most interesting to see Lindbergh’s growth as a filmmaker from one film to the next.

The fact that a madman in an Easter Bunny costume is running around killing people with a chainsaw and other edged weaponry is the one factor that ties all three BUNNYMAN films together. There’s usually a high body count and instead of a focus on the would be victims themselves, these BUNNYMAN films center on the Bunnyman and those he has affiliated himself with in that particular film. While the original BUNNYMAN introduced us to the monster and the second film THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE upped the body-count considerably and introduced us to a family who seemed like Bunnyman’s kin, BUNNYMAN: VENGEANCE delves into the true origins of the masked monster and introduces us to a trio of brothers who seem to be of some relation to Bunnyman and also have something to do with his horrific appearance under the bunny mask. In VENGEANCE, Bunnyman is the pawn of this group, who own a roadside haunt attraction which attracts all kinds of youngsters to satiate the Bunnyman’s bloodlust.

I like it that all three Bunnyman films can be watched and while they all star the same monster, they can be seen as three completely separate stories. Kind of like Leatherface (which is obviously Lindbergh’s inspiration here), the Bunnyman keeps affiliating himself with groups of people who are just as twisted as he is. In this film, tensions run high between the members of this “family” as Bunnyman’s rage is difficult to suppress and threatens to destroy the roadside attraction the three brothers have worked so hard to build.

While there are some rough edits and sound flubs here and there in BUNNYMAN: VENGEANCE, the film is a huge improvement from previous films. What really stands out is the quality of the filmmaking as Lindbergh takes the time to focus on the beauty and oddity of the juxtaposition of the Bunnyman against a vast and colorful landscape. There is also a fun little dream sequence set to Rammstein-esque music that is trippy as all get out giving us a glimpse at what goes on in Bunnyman’s head. While the story is pretty thin, the way it looks is impressive as all get out.

Focusing on the killer rather than the prey is an interesting angle that this series delves into. It fleshes out the killer in ways one doesn’t often see in horror films. The vivid lens of BUNNYMAN VENGEANCE’s world and the unique perspective makes this a fun low budget slasher series for hardcore fans of the genre. Expect a high level of schlock and violence and you won’t be disappointed.