Directed by Dan Lantz
Written by Dan Lantz
Starring Alexis Texas, Janice Marie, Adam Danoff, & Robert Heath
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I wish Alexis Texas well as she leaves her porn career behind her and makes an attempt at legitimate films. Maybe she’ll have a big career in the biz someday. Unfortunately, BLOODLUST ZOMBIES isn’t the film that’s going to do that for her. I hate to rip on such a low budgeter, but I didn’t have much of a good time while watching this one. BLOODLUST ZOMBIES tries too hard to be like just about every other zombie film we’ve all seen a million times without bringing anything new to the table or even doing stuff we’ve seen in an interesting manner.

I don’t want to spend too much time or too many words ripping into this film. It’s just not fair. Though the script had a few clever moments (there’s a fun interaction between two survivors who don’t trust each other and communicate to each other from across the room), for the most part, the humor falls flat. Texas is gorgeous, but is given very little to do other than run from zombies until she gets sick of it and fights back. Even her sex scene with her boss is pretty lame.

I’m not against films adhering to genre convention. Sometimes it works (check out RAMMBOCK: BERLIN UNDEAD for a perfect example). But aside from a few chuckles and a half chub from watching Alexis Texas bouncing about, BLOODLUST ZOMBIES is pretty lifeless.