Directed by Marvin Kren
Written by Benjamin Hessler
Starring: Sebastian Achilles, Ingrid Beerbaum, Carsten Berendt, Melanie Berke

Wow, I loved this fantastic little zombie film. Everything about this film is spot on. Though it doesn’t blaze any new trails in zombie lore, RAMMBOCK: BERLIN UNDEAD doesn’t need to. It tells a standard zombie tale in a vivid, genuine, and harrowing manner. Poor schlub Michael makes his way to Berlin to give his ex-girlfriend back her keys and maybe grovel a bit for her to come back to him. But upon arriving to her apartment, wouldn’t you know it? A zombie apocalypse occurs.

I love it that there’s no explanation for the zombie plague. It just happens. And it happens quickly. By the six minute mark, we’ve got zombies. None of this slow build crap. Michael shows up. The ex isn’t home. The zombies attack.

Important to the narrative and in distinguishing this film from the rest of the zombie flicks out there is the locale. The whole thing takes place in an apartment complex with a courtyard in between the apartments. So while the zombies swarm below, the residents of the apartments are communicating with one another and trying to get into each others’ rooms for safety. It’s almost like watching multiple zombie films simultaneously in that each room has some kind of drama going on. One man is trapped alone and trying to deal with solitude. Michael is trapped with a young repairman in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. A man below them has an infected wife that he keeps feeding sedatives to slow the infection. Another grieves for the loss of his girlfriend in the initial attack. Another apartment has been overrun by zombies. Another houses a drug addicted elderly woman. The set-up of the apartment makes for a highly original multi-screen effect zombie film–one like I’ve never seen before.

Aside from the apartment locale, RAMMBOCK: BERLIN UNDEAD isn’t anything different than most other zombie films you’ve seen other than the fact that every thing is of top notch caliber. It’s a zombie film that does everything right and never makes a misstep. It’s tension filled, well written and acted, and most of all, not a minute is wasted or uninteresting. Though this film runs just under one hour, it fills every second with all the zombie awesomeness you’ll ever need. I highly recommend RAMMBOCK: BERLIN UNDEAD. It’s one of the best zombie films of the year.