Directed by Robert F. Saltzer
Written by Robert F. Saltzer & James Gordon White
Starring John Carradine, Joi Lansing, Judy Jordan, John Mitchum, & Nick Raymond as the Evil Bigfoot

A campy mess of a film that is more likely to bore you to death than scare you to death. John Carradine classes up the joint barely as a travelling salesman who happens through a woodland town around the same time a biker gang does. When the biker gang’s voluptuous women are stolen, all fingers point to Bigfoot. Line deliveries of the drabbest kind, BIGFOOT is not to be taken seriously.

Apparently, Bigfoot has been abducting and raping women for years and has a whole brood of half Bigfoot/half buxom woman offspring and all of them like to ape around and wear floppy monkey suits and bad masks. Not sure this can even be categorized in the “so bad it’s good” category. The big battle between bikers and the Bigfeet is unintentionally funny. The main Bigfoot is a mean fucker who beats things with sticks and stones and ties women up to trees, while the little Bigfeet are even more disturbing to watch due to the unmoving masks they all are wearing. The poster brags, “The most realistic horrifying film ever!”…uhm…not so much. The tagline, “America’s Abominable Snowman breeds with anything…” is even more disturbing. Director Saltzer seems to be going for a KING KONG vibe here. I guess the camp factor makes this somewhat worth while, but if you’re looking for a good Bigfoot flick, keep searching…

Out of 10 foots, BIGFOOT = 3 FOOTS!