Directed by Joshua Hull
Written by Joshua Hull
Starring Jim O’Rear, Noah East, Raymond Kester, Donald A. Becker, James Copeland, & Mark A. Nash

I don’t know what happened back there, Andy. I must have been a combination of the clown voodoo and Susan’s menopause fumes. It got me all messed up.

I’m interspersing some of the best lines in BEVERLY LANE with this interview because by far, its clever lines and deadpan deliveries are the best part of this zombie comedy. Watching BEVERLY LANE, one can tell there’s a lot of passion put behind this film. Everything from THE OFFICE to SHAUN OF THE DEAD to SHAKES THE CLOWN to THE MIST is either homaged or referenced. Combining some of the coolest elements from each of these films takes some talent and it appears writer/director Joshua Hull has both.

How do we know you don’t have zombie mouth all over you?

Celebrating the retirement of their boss at a steel company, a staff gathers to pay tribute with punch, chips, a trio of clowns, a mime, one fourth of a barbershop quartet, and a magician. Anyone who has sat through one of these office socials knows how painfully boring they are as coworkers small talk uncomfortably and repeatedly check their watches to see how long they have to endure this torture. Hull captures the monotony of these office shindigs well, filling the office with a cast of fun eccentric characters (did I mention the mime?). The fun starts when they realize this office party coincides with the zombie apocalypse. As the zombies gather outside, the officemates try not to kill each other before the undead do.

Janitor is going all Jack Bauer on your grandpa.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an ultra low budgeter filmed at a single location with a cast of non actors, friends of the crew, and maybe a couple of amateur actors. Those who are less forgiving will not be able to give BEVERLY LANE a chance. I must admit some of the deliveries are amateurish, but as I said above this film has a fun spirit, keeps things darkly humorous throughout, and is actually a lot of fun to watch as long as you aren’t expecting an Oscar winning film. The final battle set to music is golden with so much chaos going on with all of these characters who you’ve gotten to know for most of the film that you can’t help but be invested. BEVERLY LANE has an indie spirit that totally makes up for its shortcomings and might be worth a look if you like low budget fun.