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WHISPER (2022)

Directed by Christopher Jolley.
Written by Robert Dunn, Christopher Jolley.
Starring Linda Louise Duan, Arron Blake, Nadia Nadif, Penelope Read, Richard Conrad, Carly Jolley, Amy Secker, Roman Wood, Ben Maytham, Paige Jolley
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Assigned to watch over a patient in a coma which also involves being alone in a dark house, a nurse (Linda Louise Duan) begins nosing around and uncovers a plot to unleash dark forces from within the mind. But one of the patients, the one in the coma, was more successful than most at accessing this dark entity and it begins haunting the nurse as well.

WHISPER turns out to be a wonderful mix of the classic coma-horror PATRICK and David Holroyd’s THE HAUNTED (a film I liked quite a bit from 2018) by way of Ty West’s HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. It takes advantage of the dark corners of the house to cause a strong foreboding sense of unease, even before the scary stuff begins. Once that does occur, the subtle effects and tight, shadowy camerawork makes the entire experience something that’ll be sure to cause a tingle or two to your spine.

This is a very low budget movie, but it really envelops the viewer with a sense of urgency. Something is stalking this woman and it’s not going to end well for her. I like the way the effects are held back to the periphery and used only when it can cause the maximum of scares. The actual dark entity is quite frightening when it finally appears in the final moments, making the wait worth it.

This is the first of two Christopher Jolley films that I plan on checking out. WHISPER tells a somewhat complex story with simple nuance and some tried and true plays with shadows and light used in many a haunted house movie and it works darn well.

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